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The Conyers Police Department recently conducted a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey for calendar
year 2014. The survey was available between Thursday, December 31, 2014 and Sunday, February 15,
2015. This year’s survey was administered using a web-based survey tool. This survey was advertised
on the front page of the City of Conyers website, the City of Conyers Police Department website, the
City of Conyers Facebook page, and the Conyers Police Department Facebook page. A notice was also
sent out through our nixle notification system as well as through the City of Conyers Twitter account
and the Conyers Police Department Twitter account. All of these postings and notices contained a link

to the survey tool. In addition, press releases were generated and sent to the following outlets:

• Rockdale Citizen
• Rockdale News
• Crossroad News
• Olde Town Times

• On Common Ground News.

The goals of the survey were:

• To measure levels of citizen concerns for safety
• To measure levels of police performance
• To measure public confidence in the department

• To provide an opportunity for public comment on police employee performance

The following information is taken directly from the responses received through the on-line survey.
During the survey period we received a total of 186 responses (there were 106 responses the previous
year). Of those who responded, 73 were male, 74 were female, and 39 did not respond to the


No one under the age of 18 responded to the survey. Six people (4.05%) between the ages of 18-25
responded. 18 people (12.16%) between the ages of 26-35 responded. 28 people (18.92%) between
the ages of 36-45 responded. 38 people (25.68%) between the ages of 46-55 responded. 36 people
(24.32%) between the ages of 56-65 responded. 18 people (12.16%) between the ages of 66-75
responded. Four people (2.70%) over the age of 75 responded. A total of 38 people skipped the


Additionally, one phone call was received by a business owner who was not interested in taking the
survey but wanted to let the department know he really appreciated the nixle service we provide and

encouraged us to keep the nixle program.

Overall, the results were favorable, although a higher number of responses would help to make the

results more valid.

All questions will be reviewed with staff and strategies implemented to improve satisfaction rates in
applicable areas. Staff will also be recognized for the good work they did which resulted in favorable
responses. Results of the survey will be made available for the staff and posted on our website for

public review.

Download Full Survey Results